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                Ningjin Baisheng Plastic Product Co., Ltd.---TPU、TPE、TPV
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                  Company Profile
                    Ningjin Baisheng Plastic Product Co., Ltd. is located in Shiji Development Zone, Ningjin County, Shandong Province. It is a professional manufacturer that produces hoses with elastomer raw materials like TPU, TPV, TPE and nylon (PAl1, PAl2) etc. No matter in type and in quality, it is one of the top manufacturers of aforesaid products in China.
                    Our products mainly include elastomer all-plastic hose, fibre reinforced hose, plastic reinforced hose, and steel wire spiral reinforced hose. These products are the best substitutes of PVC hose, rubber hose and metal hose.
                    Established in 1992, Ningjin Baisheng Plastic Product Co., Ltd. is one of the leading enterprises that manufacture thermoplastic hoses. Our sales network covers all large and medium-sized cities throughout the country and sold to Europe, Singapore and many other developed countries. We have excellent management team, advanced production technique, complete production equipments, up-to-the-minute online laser measurements and ultrasonic testing equipments, and strict product quality control system....
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                TPU Steel Wire Spir
                TPU Plastic Spiral
                TPEE Steel Wire Spi
                PA All-plastic Hose
                TPV All-plastic Hos
                TPEE TPE Hose Serie
                TPU All-plastic Hos
                TPU Cable Sheath
                TPU Hose Series
                TPEE All-plastic Hose Series
                TPV Hose Series
                Nylon PA Hose Series

                By product structure

                All-plastic Hose
                Fibre Reinforced Hose
                Plastic Spiral Reinforced Hose
                Steel Wire Spiral Reinforced Hose
                Sealing Materials, Profile Material and Bar
                Cable Sheath Series

                Ningjin Baisheng plastic products Co., Ltd. address: YinHe Development Zone,Ningjin county,ShanDong

                Sales Hotline Of BeiJing:18601053812 18910086206 18601053811 18601053815